Hey, don’t forget to spend time with each other on your wedding day!  This is so easily forgotten. In the excitement of the day what with everything going on, all of your family and friends gathered in one place for your special day and the need to talk to everyone! They all want a piece of you, you may not have seen some of them in ages and of course you’re wanting to pay attention to your guests, that’s natural.

I remember consciously trying to get around everyone, so that no one goes home without being thanked for joining in with the celebrations, for travelling and in some cases, for flying halfway around the world to be there. The pressure of trying to do this can be enormous depending on how large a wedding you’re having.

Handfasting helps!

I’d like to give a shout out to those couples who try to stay as close by each other during their wedding day. I’ve even seen some couples have a handfasting ceremony but I mean actually tied together – and then stay together tied, literally(!) all day! Goodness knows how they go to the loo! But crazy as this sounds, at least it means that they don’t spend their happiest, most expensive day (because, let’s face it – weddings are not cheap!) apart, not saying more than a few words to each other all day.

Here’s what we did:

On my wedding day, myself, my new husband, and a group of friends all went to a friend’s hotel suite (at the venue) for a couple of hours for a drink, a chat and a giggle. It was totally impromptu but I’m really glad that we did this because, although we were leaving most of the guests to fend for themselves (well they had a bar – they were OK!) we had the chance to relax. I took off my wedding shoes (ooh that’s better!), washed and re-made up my face and generally got freshened up for the evening to come.

We have good memories of taking that time out with friends and we have some photos too, and I cherish the fact that we used the time together when many couples forget to do this.

Plan the time together

So, plan that break in the day. Work out when that lull in the day might be and either go off together alone or grab some mates to join you. Some guests may wonder where you are but the enlightened ones will appreciate that it’s your day, not theirs and that you two making the time to be together to relax and have fun is the best possible start that you can have in a marriage.
Where will you sneak off to?

By Katie Louise, Celebrant and owner of Rock My Ceremony Ltd.   Celebrating weddings, vow renewals and naming ceremonies with you in and around Derby, East Midlands.