Do you ever feel like you just can’t decide?  It can be so hard to make decisions, can’t it? Especially about wedding stuff. We build the day up so much and naturally want it to be as perfect as possible and so every little decision can seem like a huge issue and the pressure of making the ‘right’ choice can be overwhelming.

The choice is yours to make

I see this all the time in wedding groups in FB. Ladies often post photos of the wedding dresses, for example, that they just cannot choose between, and ask the group for their opinions. This might work for some but I worry that in fact, it could cause more confusion! Everyone has different perspectives and, in the end, the decision has to be right for you and your partner.

Flip a coin to discover how you truly feel

You know what I do? I flip a coin! Not to say that I treat decisions flippantly (no pun intended), or to leave the answer to pure luck, but to unearth how I really feel. Remember the Friends episode where Rachel is about to find out whether she’s pregnant or not and she’s worried about the pregnancy test result? Phoebe tells her that she’s NOT pregnant at first. And Rachel’s true response was to feel disappointment and sadness. But Phoebe was kidding and didn’t they both jump around when she told Rachel that she WAS pregnant after all! It unearthed how she really felt in her heart.

If you flip a coin and then find yourself not liking the result and wanting to do ‘best of three’ then you have your answer! And if you like the result and feel it’s the right decision for you then again you have the answer.

Put it into perspective

I would also urge some perspective – yes, of course, your wedding day is important and of course, you want to choose the perfect dress, cake, venue and all of that. In the scheme of things in life though, it’s actually a nice problem to have! Guess what; you’re getting married! Try to enjoy the journey of planning for your wedding as much as possible and reduce the stresses wherever you can. It’s not worth worrying too much about and certainly not worth arguing with your lovely partner about. Go with your heart / your instinct and that good old ‘gut feel’ as much as possible and you can’t go too far wrong!

Written by Katie Louise, Celebrant and owner of Rock My Ceremony Ltd.  based in Derby, East Midlands.