So, you’ve met The One (tick)

You both agree that you want to get married (tick)

You’ve set the date (tick)

You’ve got everything booked and arranged (tick)

And then… BOOM!  Coronavirus strikes and it’s put a big fat spanner in the works.  And you now have to reschedule or postpone your wedding .  Arrrgh!!

Be Inspired

“We can’t always choose what music life plays for us, but we can choose how we dance to it!”

Of course, there’ll be tears and anger and disbelief.  BUT – you’re not going to let this thing beat you, are you?  You’re not giving up on your wedding, right?  You’re going to postpone it, not cancel it!  OK, so no jam today – but, guess what?  – JAM TOMORROW STILL TASTES GOOD!

Skip to the beat and rise to the challenge of rescheduling your wedding for a new date in the near future when all of your friends and family will be able to attend.  And my goodness, won’t it be a wonderful party?  After so many days and weeks in lockdown you’re going to get everyone together to finally meet up, to eat and drink together, to celebrate your special day and to laugh and dance and have THE BEST time.

You’ve Got This!

YOU can be the architect of THE wedding day that everyone will look forward to, even more than in ‘ordinary times’, because of what’s going on right now.  The swell of emotion, joy, gladness and sheer happiness will be like a champagne cork bursting out of the bottle, for sure.

So put the tissues down and swing into action.  Set that new date, tell your guests about the postponement and about your new arrangements, enjoy rescheduling and re-planning your most amazing day ever and CRACK ON with feeling re-energised about your wedding.

Stay Positive

Positive thinking is transformative, it can pull people out of life and death situations and it can help you right now.

Positive action checklist for postponing and rescheduling your wedding:

  • Immediately contact any suppliers who will be printing your wedding date onto favours, stationery etc and any suppliers who would be placing orders on your behalf such as florists, caterers etc. to limit costs.
  • Check future dates when your favourite guests and ‘must have’ suppliers are available.
  • Consider those guests who may be travelling from abroad and their travel restrictions.
  • Fix a new date – there’s going to be a lot of couples in your situation, so select a new date asap and ensure that you receive confirmation in writing.
  • Check that your payment deposits and wedding insurance are all still valid.
  • Send out change of date cards to your guests and ask them to acknowledge receipt of the card and update your wedding website if you have one – guests will probably feel relieved that you’re pushing the date out as fear of catching the virus is very real.
  • Follow up with anyone who hasn’t acknowledged the new date.
  • Think about how a change of season will affect your wedding day attire and tweak accordingly.
  • Celebrate the fact that you’ve taken the stress and pressure off of yourselves, your guests and your suppliers!

Wishing all couples a wonderful new wedding day!


By Katie Louise, Celebrant and owner of Rock My Ceremony Ltd based in Derby, East Midlands.