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So, I’m sitting with the other wedding guests waiting for this thing to start, waiting for the wedding party to walk down the aisle.  I’ve been to LOADS of wedding ceremonies which are nice and traditional but, let’s be honest, a bit same old – same old.  You know the ones – where your mind starts to wander to ‘Oh come on, how long to go until they feed us / how am I going to avoid Uncle Dick at the reception / for the love of God please end so I can check my phone’, that type of thing.

But today, at this wedding, something different occurs.  Instead of the usual processional music I hear something upbeat, something surprising that makes me smile and pay attention – what’s this?  The bride enters to U2’s Beautiful Day!  The atmosphere in the room is suddenly charged up.

Dance Down The Aisle!

Guess what else happens?  The bridal party starts dancing down the aisle!  They must have had a bevvy or two as they were getting ready!  The guests go wild with 1) relief that they can relax 2) joy that this is not going to be another boring ceremony 3) excitement – if this is how the wedding starts, what other surprises do they have in store for us?  The party atmosphere in the room has rocketed up several notches and we’re all on the edge of our seats waiting for the wedding ceremony to begin.

The unusual entrance of the bride and her bridal party and the way they shimmied down the aisle to the groom and the groomsmen has set up the day perfectly.  Who knew you could use this music at a wedding ceremony?

This wedding is upbeat, modern and unique and I know I’m going to have a brilliant day!


Top Ten Non-Traditional Songs To Walk Down The Aisle To

If you’re looking for non-traditional songs for your processional how about these?

  1. All You Need Is Love – Beatles
  2. Beautiful Day – U2
  3. Theme From Mission: Impossible
  4. You’re The One That I Want – John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John
  5. Benny Hill Theme Tune (Yakety Sacks) – Boots Randolph
  6. Paradise – Coldplay
  7. Crazy In Love – Beyonce
  8. The Way You Make Me Feel – Michael Jackson
  9. Another One Bites The Dust – Queen
  10. Indiana Jones Theme Tune

Let me know your top ten non-traditional songs to walk down the aisle to!  How daring are you?

Are you going to Rock Your Ceremony?

By Katie Louise, Celebrant and owner of Rock My Ceremony Ltd https://rockmyceremony.com based in Derby, East Midlands.